The most sustainable Law of Success is about self governance.

Exercise extreme caution when it comes to placing any faith in someone else claiming to provide help through the governance of others … govern yourself.  Do not place your faith in those who would govern you.  Respect yourself. Do not denigrate yourself by blaming others.  Work on what you control.

First do no harm … primum non nocere … get rid of your addictions, your bad habits, your baggage and the waste in your life … stop doing the things that you already realize are harmful … primum non nocere … means that you should FIRST knock off the self-inflicted damage that is harming you.

Then you can think about the Law of Success; it is not exactly a new law by any means … it is a NATURAL law … it can never be repealed … as a natural law, it has little or nothing to do with the form of government that you live under.

Napoleon Hill was not exactly the first to articulate the law of success … he succinctly articulated a set of sixteen highly memorable lessons for THE natural law  of success that applied to the world of the “self-made” individuals of his day … people like Rockefeller, Edison, Carnegie or Ford, but the same immutable principles have always governed the law of success.

You are not required to be a success; success is a choice that you have. The population of humans is predominantly made up of victims; you are free to go along with the crowd and join the herd, but you will never be any kind of success by following the crowd.

We are all UNIQUE individuals, but the one thing we have in common is that we can CHOOSE to be a success.  What will set up apart from others who merely share memes or pay lip service to doing things that people need to do to be successful is that we can be DILIGENT about it and DO IT.

DOING IT means action and it also means choose to diligent about putting things into practice, things like CONSISTENCY, VISION and LOVE.


Consistency is one of the key ingredients to fitness, skill progress, skill maintenance, and longevity in martial arts or any activity in life.

Planning – Plan-Do-Check-Act; have SMART written objectives that are in line with your projects, plans, values and overall mission or aim in life.

Focus – constantly sort, order, eliminate, simplify, standardizepareto-ize your scope to focus on where you spend your time to get back time and resources

Courage – Never quit on yourself; be confident and courageous; stay humble to keep going for the long haul and never being permanently dismayed,

Judgment – exhibit patient self-control; avoid confirmation bias; blend judgement with good humor; own your decisions without worrying about being liked,

Frugality – Limit your consumption in order to SAVE, invest and develop new enterprises; have at least seven DIFFERENT sources of income,


People without vision are always hunkered down and playing defense, complaining about the world is getting worse and about to attack them.

Independence – be unique; do not be driven by other people’s priorities or agendas; separate importance from mere urgency

Initiative – problems are always opportunities; step up and seize the day when others falter; the most valuable time to show initiative is when it seems impossible

Innovation – Embrace failure to build a culture of innovation; harvest lessons to accelerate the process of learning lessons from others’ failures,

Perspective – read more, practically thinker with ideas, start fires with questions, provoke arguments, stimulate ideas and brainstorm

Collaboration – move beyond mere cooperation to seek ways to genuinely collaborate and to invent or create new solutions with others,


Love is most important, because God IS LOVE.  We DEFINE God as the origin of reality and all laws that govern reality, not as a matter of faith, as a matter of language and terms.  As you apply LOVE, you can begin to understand God.

Respect – Helps others as you would want to be helped; push others as you want to be pushed; aggressively implement the golden rule with dignity,

Enthusiasm –celebrate success and good fortune of others; infect others with your optimism, avoid dick measuring contests, pray for others,

Generosity – be generous and kind; help those who help others; show up earlier, work later; don’t wait for applause; do more than you are paid to do,

Networking – expand your personal network; make friends; remember names/interests; soak up lessons from others; stay in touch

Tolerance – resist negative impacts of power, comfort, affluence to be more empathetic, vigilant and shrewd; be tolerant, but do NOT be naive or stupid about who you trust. Genuine tolerance is cynical and shrewd.

Be DILIGENT about things like CONSISTENCY, VISION and LOVE … if you cannot choose where to start, start with LOVE.