Very, very, very few people really understand their own choices.

Sales professionals, politicians and con-artists, of course KNOW this and know that people routinely rationalize really TERRIBLE, stupid, bad choices after they have made them.

Most people prefer to make choices by impulse … men might claim that they trust their gut while women might claim that they go with what their heart tells them — others use a “first thought, best thought” sort of quasi-buddhist new agey mystical argument; others claim to make faith-driven choices based on what God has told them to do … but basically it is a matter of impatience and laziness. People do not really want to think about a choice very much before they make it.

It is not just products, the most impulsive, shallow choices are probably made in the realm of relationship choices … people make especially bad choices when it comes to voting for leaders and placing ANY faith in political leaders.

Healthy, especially dynamic economies and strong cultures have traditionally been populated by strong people with strong habits and strong values who basically did not place much trust in leaders, but rather fought their own battles and only looked to leaders for a minimal level of inspiration and coordination (i.e. a leader in a strong culture is a peer who is elected to decide).

Totalitarian democracy is not true democracy, but all democracies eventually gravitate toward this geriatric, perverse form of democracy.  It is a zombie political milieu in which pathetic, entitled victims cast about looking for a lynch mob “dictator” who will emotionally incite the rest of the lynch mob into action by blaming the other side.  Elections in totalitarian democracies are vicious winner-take-all affairs; the winner gets to use the power of the State to harass and decimate opponents.

The root cause of totalitarian democracy is the weakness of the individuals; specifically, individuals become very weak and non-critical in their judgement.  Confirmation bias defines their information gathering and decision making.  Because of confirmation basis, totalitarian democracy is powered by impulsive bovine herd followers who waste a lot of time and energy trying to browbeat or bully others into following the same herd using the same emotional bovine arguments that suckered them into the herd or worse (e.g. Nazi brownshirt thug behavior).