DontHelp.ORG … be genuinely kind.

Our aim is GENUINE kindness.

It is IMMORAL for you to rely upon the coercive and extortionary violence of government to fund your addiction or to fund the addictions of people who will not help themselves.

Almost all charity is some form of idiot compassion — it is worse if idiot compassion is fueled by government coercion and use of the State’s monopoly on violence to take money from hard working people.

Most philanthropy is not really all that KIND.  Most philanthropy is about neurosis and guilt, about letting very affluent people feel better about themselves.  Most philanthropy is a very imperfect form of ‘conscience laundering’ that primarily functions to keep the existing addictions and temporary crutches that foster tolerance of bad habits and systems of thinking that keep of inequality in place.

DontHelp.ORG is venture philanthropy that intends to disrupt what the whole notion of philanthropy is about.

Our aim is GENUINE kindness.


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